Men Cycling Bib Shorts

Men Cycling Bib Shorts

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➊ 【Compressive and Stretch Fabric】:Made from 80% Polyamide, 20% Spandex main fabric construction, the MK Bib Shorts are solid and dependable shorts you can rely on for all your daily...
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➊ 【Compressive and Stretch Fabric】:Made from 80% Polyamide, 20% Spandex main fabric construction, the MK Bib Shorts are solid and dependable shorts you can rely on for all your daily riding requirements.

➋【Easily Accessible Storage Pockets on Sides】: Storage pockets on each side of the legs for easy access whilst on the bike.

➌【MK MENS CYCLE 1.0 MULTI DENSITY CHAMOIS】:The air pad offers anatomical shaping, an excellent level of comfort and is designed to be comfortable for 3-5hrs riding with an unexpected durability.

➍【Breathability thanks to Mesh bibs】: Mesh bibs aid with air flow and ventilation to prevent over-heating and maintain dryness and comfort whilst riding.

➎【Elastic Leg Grippers without Silicone】: Ultra-thin and Ultra-light elastic leg grippers designed for best comfort and super flexibility conforms to your body for a perfect fit. It obviously avoids silicone discomfort.

大小 Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, 3X-Large
颜色 Navy, Black
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Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality bib with modern design features

The bib had a good tight race fit, Excellent compression to keep the blood flowing to the muscles, Which is needed when you're at your highest cycling revolution. The material is thinner than what I'm used to with cheaper bibs, But it is a higher quality material. It is definitely going to get a lot of use as i train this summer.

The chamois padding is thinner than other pads, But stays in place and feels very comfortable. It's quite a relief to have padding that does not move around to the left and right on its own. I also like the built-in channel recess in the padding as it relieves pressure from the perineum.

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Fantastic quality; comfortable and a good fit

These are superb quality cycling bib shorts.
I ordered the XXL size for extra comfort and they couldn't fit any better. I'm normally used to wearing elasticated cycling shorts, however these are much more comfortable and the vest section (braces) makes them feel much better around the waist. They also look much better compared to a tight waist belt.
These will now be my go-to cycling shorts. I'm actually considering buying a few pairs so that be always got a clean pair to put on for cycling.
Highly recommended. They may be more expensive that elasticated shorts, however they're certainly worth that extra cost.

Reduces saddle fatigue and breathable!

My partner has a pair of bib shorts that are unbranded and loves them and has always wanted another pair. He was delighted to try these, and says they're so much better than his current pair. He likes to wear them for saddle fatigue as they prevent him from getting a sore bum!
- Lightweight, breathable design, especially the top which is perforated and keeps your temperature down
- Form fitting with good sizing, fit perfectly to my partner's measurements (we got large and he's a 38" chest and 32" waist)
- Great little elastic pockets on the thigh for holding things like your phone or keys
- Grippy strip on the inside of the legs that stops the shorts from slipping up your leg during rides
- Wide ergonomic pad for comfort on the saddle
- Durable and stretchy material which are supportive in all the right places
- As with all bib shorts, going to the toilet is a little annoying. But that's just the design so you can't really complain!
Overall, my partner rates these highly as a downhill and road cyclist. He wears these underneath shorts and a top and finds these super breathable and that he doesn't get too hot and sweaty on rides with them on. Highly recommended as an under garment for mountain biking, they fit well and don't add any bulk to clothing and can be worn with knee pads with zero interference. Way better than his other bib shorts and more comfortable - very happy and great value for what they're being sold for.

Men Cycling Bib Shorts

Men Cycling Bib Shorts

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